Patient Participation Group

The Greystoke Patient Participation Group is now setup and  meets six times per year and it aims to provide general comments on the day to day running of the Practice from the patient’s point of view. It seeks to enhance communication and co-operation between the Practice and its patients in any positive way it can. It try’s to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring that services provided are responsive to patients needs.
  • It carries out surveys and provides information on topics relevant to the effective management of the Practice.
  • Raising public awareness of the services and facilities available.
  • Supporting the Practice in its dealings with other organisations.

The PPG recently was involved in creating the Greystoke Patient Survey for 2014 and the results were recently published, and the practice has now published a response to the main issues raised.

The group has recently elected a new chairman, John Walton, from within the group and is looking to organise a Health Education event in the near future. We are looking for members of our patient population to join the group and we are particularly interested in hearing from patients with young children who might be able to spare some time to contribute to the group. If you are interested please contact our practice manager Jennifer Dollman at the surgery on 01670 511393 or email her at

If there any topics you would like us to discuss at our meetings then please email Jenni Dollman and she  will table any issues raised for discussion.