A Message for all our students who may be going away to college this Autumn

You may be moving way from Morpeth soon to study or to work and at Greystoke Surgery we felt it may help to explain to you how you can see a GP whilst you are away. There are two options:

 You can stay registered at Greystoke Surgery and while you are away, you can see a local GP there on a temporary basis if you need to. The advantages of this way are that we can keep your records and when you are home you are able to see doctors who know you well. If you have very few ill health problems this can be a very efficient way. We have also found that when someone young becomes very poorly, they often return home to their parents to be looked after and it can be helpful to have access to your notes at such times.

 The second option is to register with a doctor in the place you are going to. You may well be told this is what you HAVE to do, which is not actually the case. If you choose to register with a new doctor your records will be transferred there and if you need to be seen by a doctor when back in Morpeth, it would then be on a temporary basis here. This option is best for those people who have significant health needs and are likely to need to see a GP on a regular basis while they are away.

 If you would like to discuss this further with us at Greystoke, please feel free to ring our practice manager. 

May we wish you all the very best in your chosen venture.